Hey there! My name is Lindsey.

As a child I never would have imagined that helping women through health & fitness (specifically weightlifting & macro counting) would be my life’s calling…but here I am! 

I picked up a dumbbell for the first time at 28 years old and discovered counting macros six months later. Between the two, my life was forever changed; the fat on my body began to melt away, my confidence grew, and I was still enjoying Friday night pizza with my kiddo. 
After spending 7 years and hundreds of hours studying on my own, I received my personal training certification so that I could help motivated women like you navigate the overly complicated world of fitness & nutrition! 
When I am not hanging out with my son, or rapping along to old school hip hop, you can find me binge watching shows on Netflix (Ewww…David) or grabbing a cocktail on a patio somewhere.


Build a Body You Love From the Inside Out in Just 12 Weeks!

I created Crop Top Confidence because I truly believe that reaching your fitness goals is easier than you think and I am going to help you get there.

Get the Jump Start You've Been Needing!

I created the Crop Top Confidence Intensive to help you jump start your health and fitness goals. This won’t be a quick fix, but I can promise you, if you implement the tools that I’m going to give you, then you will feel better once our 2 weeks is up!