Are you ready to regain energy and feel strong AF without giving up all the foods you love?



You’re tired as soon as you wake up and

need all the coffee to get through the day

You hide behind others in pictures because

you don’t ever ‘look good’ in them

You’ve got a gym membership and keep trying the

whole exercise  thing but you never seem to get ‘toned’

You think you need to diet to lose the weight

but you can’t seem to give up your favorite foods 

You want to create memories with your kids when
at the park but you’re exhausted after 5 minutes of tag


The idea of being intimate with your partner

sounds nice (as long as the lights are off)


You have been building your biz and taking
care of everyone
….but yourself

Hey there, my name is Lindsey! 

As a child I never would have imagined that helping women through health & fitness (specifically weightlifting) would be my life’s calling…but here I am! After spending six years and hundreds of hours studying on my own, I got my personal training certification so that I could help women like you navigate the overly complicated world of fitness & nutrition! 

When I am not busy writing fitness plans and cheering on my clients, you can find me rapping along to old school hip hop or curled up on the couch binge watching Friends with my son!



Eat Friday night pizza with the family & drink wine with your girlfriends while still reaching your fitness goals?


Workout three times in a week strategically so that you tone up and drop those inches without losing time you could be spending on your biz?


Chase your kiddos at the playground without feeling like you need an oxygen tank afterwards?


Have the energy to make it through the day without 5 cups of coffee or a nap?


Make love to your partner without worrying about how your body looks?


Feel confident AF in your body again….or maybe for the first time EVER?!

Sound too good to be true?


It’s not!


I promise.


After achieving these results
for myself & other women, I created RISE:


 Eight Weeks to Regaining Energy & Feeling 

Strong AF In Only 3 Workouts A Week.


Three workouts a week that can be done in a gym or at home


Training app w/ exercise library so you know exactly how to perform each exercise with confidence


Training app w/ workout log so you can track everything that you do


Custom macro & calorie goal so you can eat what you want while still reaching your goals


Online course with video lessons & PDF guides so you have a complete understanding of the why & how behind everything that you are doing 


Step by step guidance on implementing health & fitness into your life in a way that will create a lasting change   


Private Facebook community of women going through the program so that you are always supported and encouraged



Wants to lose fat & tone up without spending all her time in the gym

Is sick and tired of feeling ‘blah’ and is ready to feel confident AF

Loves to eat her favorite foods & doesn’t want to give them up

Wants healthy habits & a routine that brings long term success


 Knows she is capable of more and is ready to make the commitment to herself

If this is you, then I would love to have you join the growing group of women in RISE who are kicking butt & taking names! 


Even in the first day of working with Lindsey, I had breakthroughs in my health. I learned about different body types and what workouts/methods were best for my own. After a year of being at the same weight, I finally broke through and started to lose weight through Lindsey’s program. As a mom of 2 toddlers and full-time business owner, I am able to make huge changes in my wellness by taking what feels like small, meaningful steps in the right direction.




 I think you have done a great job making this more of a program that helps us change our lifestyles. Also, it is always so encouraging when you tell us about how you fall off too. You don’t dwell on it, you just always admit you’ve struggled and then get back up and get back on it. What i love most about you and what you’re doing here is that you are real. You’re honest and raw and you give me hope that I can achieve great things too. Not without hard work and not without determination, but it IS POSSIBLE.




How long is RISE?

RISE is an eight-week program, consisting of 4 two-week phases.

Do I need a gym membership?

Nope! Feel free to do the workouts at home. You will need dumbbells to complete the home workouts. I recommend 5-20lbs.

How long are the workouts?

From start to finish – warm up to cool down – you should spend no longer than 45 minutes working out 3x a week!

Do you give meal plans?

Not even a little. I give you customized calorie & macronutrient goals. You are free to eat whatever you want as long as you hit those numbers!

What if I have never weightlifted before?

Then this program is going to be PERFECT for you. These workouts were written specifically for beginners with the goal of adding lean, tone muscle.

Is there accountability? I suck at staying motivated.

Absolutely! Not only do you have me cheering you on, but you get access to a private FB group of women who are all going through RISE as well. What’s better than a kickass group of support?!

Do I have to spend an hour on the treadmill? I hate cardio.

Girlll….me too. Listen, cardio is great for your heart health but the workouts in RISE do not include any cardio as we are working to build that lean muscle!

How do I sign up?