Over the “Fad” Fitness Attempts that don’t last?

lose weight, tone up, and feel confident AF in only 3 workouts a week, without giving up the foods you love

lose weight

Eat whatever you want, even when you go out, or enjoy “take-out.”

losing weight

Determine your exact caloric and Macro numbers, and understand why Macros matter so much!

losing weight

Unlock a metabolism that is sustainable and sets you up for optimal fitness results!

Hey Girl

I’m Lindsey! I teach busy women how to use weightlifting and counting macros to lose weight, tone up, and feel confident AF so that they can break up with weird fitness fads and get consistent results.

Like many women, I too have struggled with weight in the past. Once I made s promise to myself to change for the better, it was GAME ON!

Friends and family noticed, strangers would compliment me, and people would actually beg me to tell them “my secret,” as if there were one!  

 Spoiler Alert – the “secret” to my fitness transformation was. . .

Reclaim and Reboot your Fitness Goals

Choosing to reclaim your fitness journey today means that you are determined as ever and completely over the “fluff” and “false promises” of the latest fad.  There is an action plan, tools, accountability, meal plans, and fitness routines that shape, strengthen, and sharpen your silhouette.

How amazing would it be to feel more confident in your skin, and to have more positive energy in your day-to-day? 

How fun would it be to go shopping for a new wardrobe full of stylish outfits you haven’t been able to wear in years?

How rewarding would it be to not have to worry about another fad diet or fitness routine ever again?

How I can help you right now

So I know there are hundreds of ways for you to get leaner, eat healthier, and tone up, but after trying just about all of it (starving yourself is not fun btw) I truly believe that this is the BEST method to getting to where you want to be. The best part is, it lasts. You don’t have to hop on a fad diet then get off it and gain all that weight back. I know the health world is large and there is a lot of information out there, so to help you get started quickly here are my BEST RESOURCES.

This is a safe place for you to get support, ideas, and inspiration on your fitness journey! No judgemental stares here, just love and probably a little too much protein powder.


From home workouts to macro guides, these guides have everything you need to get started on your own!


The Home Cardio Guide Freebie features 3 of my favorite HIIT workouts as well as 2 of my go-to recipes for FREE.

The proof is in the pudding

Transformation can happen fairly quickly!  I’ve witnessed my clients evolve mentally and transform physically in as little as 8 weeks.  New habits are formed, wellness is optimal, and as the body tones and tightens and the numbers on the scale drop, there is a sense of freedom that transpires too.  

“What I love most about you and what you’re doing here is that you are real. You’re honest and raw and you give me hope that I can achieve great things too. Not without hard work and now without determination, but it IS POSSIBLE.”

– Kristina

“I used to spend hours in the gym on every piece of cardio equipment trying to burn off all of the food that I ate the day before. Now I can get my workout done in an hour and I am losing weight faster. I also get to eat more than I used to eat when I couldn’t lose weight.”

– Melissa

Get In Touch

I can’t wait to help you on your fitness journey or answer any questions you may have.