Build a Body You Love From the Inside Out in Just 12 Weeks!

Let me guess

You work your ass off every single day, but you never have enough energy? You are an absolute powerhouse in the corporate world, and you know it.. you just wish you were that confident in your body?

You cook, clean, walk the dog, do laundry and you neglect yourself.

I See You Girl

I know you are a badass woman who is trying to thrive in all areas of life, but you find your health and fitness are slipping. You want better for yourself and that is how I know that you are the kind of woman I want to work with!

You Are Ready to Make a Change

But you are feeling defeated and unimpressed by the options out there that don’t fit YOU. I get it, I’ve been there! You are 100% capable of achieving the same long-lasting results as I have and I want to show you how!

Throughout my 20’s, my weight went up and down more times than a yoyo. I tried so many diets and workout routines that my friends always joked about what weird fad I was a part of now.

Whenever I followed a plan perfectly, it worked, but the second I fell off the program the weight would come back… ugh.

Honestly, I felt like a failure for not being able to just follow the plan and lose the damn weight.

I always had this urgent feeling that I needed to get my extra weight off fast. I thought if I could just get off, I could keep it off.



I need you to understand that I’m not special! I did not grow up athletic, I never ran ‘for fun’, and definitely didn’t enjoy pushing myself outside my comfort zone.

“Fitness” does not come naturally to me. I know that if I can get these results, you can too!



So How Did I Finally Do It?

Once I figured out that there wasn’t some ‘secret’ out there but rather a combination of four things my results came quickly.

Intentional Workouts – I stopped jumping from machine to class to cardio and stepped foot into the weight room with plan created to build muscle & burn fat.

Macros – Gone are the days where I stress about going out to eat or having a glass of wine. Counting macros allows me to enjoy the things I love while still reaching my fitness goals.

Daily Habits – I learned that it wasn’t just about what I did in the gym that moved me towards my goals but all of my daily habits – sleep, movement, etc.

Mindset – I now understand that this is not a program or plan that I fall off of and then start again on Monday. Motivation is fleeting and commitment to myself is necessary.

Now It's Your Turn!

I created Crop Top Confidence because I truly believe that reaching your fitness goals is easier than you think and I am going to help you get there.


Monthly 1:1 Calls:  Starting with your kickoff call we will jump on a call every month (x3) to create a game plan & goals specific to you and readjust as you progress

Unlimited Voxer Access: Whether you have a question or just need a mid-week kick in the butt I am just a quick Voxer message away.

Custom Macro/Calorie Calculations: No more guessing what/how much to eat. Customized macros or calories will help you reach YOUR goals without giving up your favorite treats. 

Intentional Workout Program:  Three workouts a week that were designed to build muscle and burn fat. They can be done at the gym or at home (with dumbbells) and will take no longer than 45-60 minutes.

Custom App Access: Download my custom app so you have access to all your workouts, videos on form, and even a place to track your previous workouts.


Immediately after signing up you will receive an email with a link to schedule your Kickoff Call. During this call we will take a deep dive into you. Together we will set a goal, figure out what is and isn’t working for you, what you struggle most with, and create a clear path to reaching your specific goals in a way that fits into your life long term.

We will jump on another 1:1 call at the start of month two and again in month three to make sure that your plan is still working for you and to readjust as needed.

Throughout the program you will have access to me through Voxer for anything that may pop up between calls.

The workout program is stored in my custom app that you can download right to your phone and is broken down into three phases: Endurance, Hypertrophy, and Strength. These workouts are for anyone who is new to weightlifting and will help you tighten and tone.




Who the Hell is Lindsey Beth?

Hey there! My name is Lindsey. As a child I never would have imagined that helping women through health & fitness (specifically weightlifting & macro counting) would be my life’s calling…but here I am! 

I picked up a dumbbell for the first time at 28 years old and discovered counting macros six months later. Between the two, my life was forever changed; the fat on my body began to melt away, my confidence grew, and I was still enjoying Friday night pizza with my kiddo. 
After spending 7 years and hundreds of hours studying on my own, I received my personal training certification so that I could help motivated women like you navigate the overly complicated world of fitness & nutrition! 
When I am not hanging out with my son, or rapping along to old school hip hop, you can find me binge watching shows on Netflix (Ewww…David) or grabbing a cocktail on a patio somewhere.