Don’t have enough time to work out, eat right, and hit your fitness goals?

Learn how you can lose weight, tone up, and feel confident AF in only 3 workouts a week, all without giving up your favorite foods!

lose weight

Reach your goals while eating your favorite foods. Whether you are going out or are stuck at home with “unhealthy” food you’ll always have options.

losing weight

Know your caloric and macro numbers. It’s the best way to hit your goals. Those numbers are based on YOUR BODY – which is why they work for you!

losing weight

Supercharge your metabolism for faster weight loss and muscle gain results without having to find time to work out every single day.

Hey Girl, 

I’m Lindsey!

I teach busy women (like you) how to use weightlifting and counting macros to lose weight, tone up, and feel confident AF. I want you to break up with the weird fitness fads and finally understand what YOUR body needs to get the consistent results you want!

Like many women, I struggled with my weight in the past. But, in July 2013 I finally decided I didn’t like the way I looked or felt. I made a promise to myself that I would do whatever it took to change for the better. After that day it was GAME ON! Friends and family noticed, strangers would compliment me, and people would actually beg me to tell them how I did it.

Girl, Eat That Hamburger!

There are days when you’re so exhausted (emotionally and physically) that all you want to do is eat your favorite food. And that should be ok. We shouldn’t be chasing fad diets or restricting ourselves to reach our goals. True health is KNOWING YOUR BODY so well that you can eat a hamburger and still hit that goal weight by the end of the month.

How amazing would it be to wake up feeling refreshed and full of energy (before you have your first sip of coffee)?

How fun would it be to finally wear those outfits that have been hiding in the back of your closet or that you’ve been too afraid to try on at the store?

How rewarding would it be to find balanced eating habits that you can use for the rest of your life (instead of following the latest weird egg diet)?

I believe that forcing ourselves to conform to the latest diet trend and restricting ourselves from enjoying food we love is the wrong way to be healthy. It’s our job to listen and respond to our bodies. That means knowing who we are and what works for us when it comes to food and fitness. 


Let me help you find the right balance for YOUR body so you can hit your goals.

There are hundreds of ways for you to get leaner, eat healthier, and tone up.  After trying just about all of them (starving yourself is not fun btw) I truly believe I’ve figured out a better, more consistent way to hit your fitness goals.

The best part is, it lasts. No more crash diets before your beach vacation only to gain all the weight back once you’re home.  I know there is a lot of information on fitness, food and “weight loss hacks” so to help you get started quickly here are a few of my BEST RESOURCES.

Coach Lindsey Beth

This is a safe place for you to get support, ideas, and inspiration on your fitness journey! No judgemental stares here, just love and probably a little too much protein powder.

get lean and eat ice cream

From home workouts to macro guides, these guides have everything you need to get started on your own!


The Home Cardio Guide Freebie features 3 of my favorite HIIT workouts as well as 2 of my go-to recipes for FREE.

Transformation Happens Quickly

What I want you to know about fitness is that once you understand your body and what you need to do, transformation happens quickly! 

I watch my clients go from unsure and frustrated to mentally and physically transformed in an average of 8 weeks. As they form solid new habits they watch their bodies tone and tighten while the number on the scale drops.  Talk about feeling confident AF! 

“What I love most about you and what you’re doing here is that you are real. You’re honest and raw and you give me hope that I can achieve great things too. Not without hard work and now without determination, but it IS POSSIBLE.”

– Kristina

“I used to spend hours in the gym on every piece of cardio equipment trying to burn off all of the food that I ate the day before. Now I can get my workout done in an hour and I am losing weight faster. I also get to eat more than I used to eat when I couldn’t lose weight.”

– Melissa

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Whether your goal is to tone up and slim down, gain muscle, or simply learn what the hell to eat every day, I’m your coach. Together we’ll find what works for YOU! 

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